Neferiu Records



Neferiu (neh-FAIR-ee-oo) Records holds dear a philosophy of creative integrity. We have been releasing music to the world since early 2000, and in that time we are honored to have helped expose over 65 amazing works of audio artwork to the culturally aware.

Our roots lie firmly within electronic and hip hop music, yet through our tendency towards experimental-ism and the individual musician’s influence, we strive to develop and explore the boundaries of these ever evolving genre classifications.

Originally drawing inspiration from the European Demoscene and later through development and growth within the Canadian hip hop scene, our goal has always been straight forward: maintain consistency in quality and artistic integrity through our representation, and build our listenership.

We do not belong to the music business. Our goals and efforts run perpendicular to any intention of capitalizing on our output. We know that—especially in this digital age—a vast over-saturation of artistic content exists, yet we are confident that if you have discovered something on Neferiu Records that fits your tastes, that we will continue to both satisfy and challenge you as you grow along side us in our ongoing musical exploration.

AKA: Peep the sickness.

Neferiu Records