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Wax Organix: blackened white

Aug 21, 2012


NEF151: From the sunset shadows strolls in Wax Organix—a Vancouver-Island (Nanaimo) based producer—dropping an electronic album rich in flexed funk and sexy sample. His ability to unearth the grooves and construct hypnotic rhythms from them is immediately evident once you hit the play button on “blackened white”. The glockenspiel+string+sitar+bassline delicacy of “Rise of the Daywalker” starts the album off with flair, followed by “Cycles”—a groove that could easily be the soundtrack to a montage scene of DJ Shadow digging for his records. As the album progresses, each track introduces an entirely different feel, keeping the listening experience fresh and diverse.

A full-length masterpiece, this 12-track LP brings consistent sample-driven music with such expressive variety in each track’s construction that there is little question that Wax Organix pushes his sound-art to the limits, while at the same time never losing sight of what gets one’s head nodding.

Available for download for free with donations welcome, this one is not to be slept on!


  • Written & Produced by Wax Organix


01. Rise of the Daywalker 04:38 02. Cycles 04:39 03. Beatbox 03:12 04. Solar Glow ’78 04:21 05. Uptown Boogiedown 05:18 06. City Street Confidential 03:45 07. The End is as Close as it Ever Was 03:47 08. A Mind Clouded with What If’s 04:38 09. Melting Down of the Flesh and Limbs into Urine 04:17 10. Pincushion 02:19 11. Up Late Dreaming 03:19 12. One in the Same 07:32

Released August 21, 2012

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