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Imaginations Treetrunk: EFF ESS BEE

Apr 27, 2011


NEF139: First, you start with the calcium rich (metaphor for ‘dope’) skeletal system that is Aalo Guha. This cerebral, next level producer constructs the base of an entire albums worth of deeply involved and sample-sensual hip hop beats. Stretched atop the bone structure is the verbal muscle (metaphor for ‘dope’) of three of the coolest kids from east van, all grown up. Chadio, Azrael & Kaboom have been integral to the voice of Imaginations Treetrunk—a crew slash label slash musical force to be reckoned with—since day one.

Combined to form a singular super soldier body (metaphor for ‘dope’), the Imaginations Treetrunk team lay down over 45 minutes of genuinely interesting and entertaining hip hop laced with true style and unique substance.

Oh, right: the ‘bling’… Guest appearances by some of Canada’s finest: Touch, Epic, Birdapres, Yy and Fatt Matt… are truly the cherry on top (cliche’d metaphor for ‘dope’) of what is destined to be a classic in Canadian underunderground hip hop music. (Insert metaphor for ‘dope’).


1. EFF: beyourself ft. Kaboom 01:55 2. EFF: hello Ft. Azrael & Chadio 04:37 3. EFF: delivery Ft. Kaboom, Chadio & Azrael 04:15 4. EFF: twoforties Ft. Chadio, Azrael & Kaboom 04:54 5. EFF: today ft. Fatt Matt, Chadio & Kaboom 03:50 6. ESS: donttalktomeplease Ft. Chadio, Nomad & Kaboom 03:49 7. ESS: grassrollers Ft. Chadio, Fatt Matt, Epic, Azrael, Kaboom & Touch 03:46 8. ESS: time Ft. Kaboom & Chadio 01:27 9. ESS: blinded/seenus Ft. Azrael & Chadio 03:10 10. ESS: eliminator Ft. Azrael, Chadio & Kaboom 03:43 11. BEE: anklesprain Ft. Birdapres & Kaboom 01:43 12. BEE: owen ft. Yy 03:05 13. BEE: gowritehard Ft. Kaboom 05:13 14. BEE: differentpile Ft. Chadio, Azrael & Birdapres 03:13 15. BEE: pixels Ft. Azrael 02:25

Credits Produced expertly by the one and only Aalo Guha.

Released 27 April 2011 • Free Digital Download

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