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Sometimes people ask us, ‘What can we do to help?’ The first answer is: Keep on Keepin On. We are glad to know that you are out there digging our vibe and playing our tunes. It doesn’t have to stop there. We could always use help achieving our simple goal of infecting the universe with the finest underground sound.

Link to Us

Whether it be on YouTube, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, etc. if you drop our name or link to us, your friends will listen. (If they don’t are they really your friends?)

Contact Us!

Send us some fan mail, and we will make sure the artists get to read it. The grind of production can use a nice boost, and hearing some positive feedback can go a long ways. For some of us (ahem, mantrakid) you might be the only person we’ve been in touch with properly for months!

Play Us!

Car stereos, house parties, even milk and cookie hour, any time is a good time to blast the Neferiu goodness. Say no to swine flu-instead, infect your friends with some sick music. If they ask where you got it, you can scoff at them lightly then dominate the next hour of conversation with knowledge of the new underground.

Write About Us!

It’s a blog eat blog world, and if you, or somebody you know, writes a blog read by 2 to 2 billion people, then we’re interested in having our name in there. Hit us up for a press-kit for everything you’d need to get a review out there. Word!

Recommend Us!

Forums are kind of like sleazy nightclubs, there is a lot of crap to wade through, but you never know who you’ll meet in there. Throw our name around, and plant the Neferiu seed! Your single post might be the straw that breaks the camels back on some kid coming to check the site out. That kid could then grow up to be the Neferiu Records president, all because of YOUR RECOMMENDATION!

Posterize Your City About Us!

You know those paper things you see around? If you want some Neferiu posters for your city, contact us, and we’ll send you a nice package in the mail, shit we’ll even throw you a little something something for your effort. Plus, going out with a stack of paper and a staple gun will make you look all cool and indie and with it. At least that’s what we tell ourselves when we hit the streets. Much love!

Pirate Us!

You know what, if you make an illegal copy of a Neferiu album, and give it to your favorite DJ at your favorite club, not only will you increase your street credibility by breaking the law, you’ll also help spread the word. We promise we won’t press charges.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your support of Neferiu Records! It is people like you that make this thing work. Try one of the above methods of helping out, or use your imagination to create some others. We are a wide open community and can always use assistance spreading our sick gospel. Though we can’t always offer you a wad of cash, if we dig your initiative, we can assure you that you won’t go unrewarded. Free advance release previews, merch, free shows, we’ll make sure you’re well taken care of.