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Two Blue Apes: Kings EP

Oct 24, 2011


NEF145: Steam rises from the holes in a manhole cover—it dances and parts as the crease of a pinstriped pant leg chops through it like a backwards axe. Billowing in front with the nights air currents, the smoking avenue frames the upper torso of a couple of primates. Their eyes glint in the streetlight, fully aware of their own sophisticated bloodlust. An army of footsteps echo off the grey irregularities around them, reverberating through their suits and cigars and soaking into the sound of a jazz club stage melting out into the street at the end of the block…

We are honoured to thank an Anonymous supporter of the Vision Vancouver Time Raiser, whose kind donation has gone in the support of Vancouver Artists. In exchange for their support, we act solely as distributor of this work, with full rights granted to them. Any and all donations made towards this album will be donated in-turn to the growth of Vision Vancouver.


1. Caged Royalty on Display 00:11 2. Blues for a King 02:17 3. LP’s for Poor Folk 01:42 4. Mandrake’s Waltz 01:04 5. Non Fiction 01:30 6. Soma 00:56 7. Greens 02:35 8. Shark Sleeper 00:53 9. Outro 00:22

Credits Beats by The Dirty Sample Vocals by Lord Marbury & Apeface Special Guest Appearance by Professor Mandrake

Released 25 October 2011

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