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22tape: mosaicchangetone

Dec 12, 2012


NEF157: It’s so clear: seconds after awaking from the most absurdly random dream, pulling together details from what seems like the most obscure of thought patterns into one coherent message of mental infidelity.

You haven’t been conscious long enough to convince yourself that the mind vacation you just went on was something of fantasy, and so you lay there in bed wondering what it all means.

The flashes of imagery and sounds seemingly pulled from god-knows-where and reconstructed to form a glitch-ridden beat interwoven with strings, horns, and ethereal chops like you’ve never heard before. But it gets distant… if only you could remember what it all sounded like…

It all begins to fizzle and break apart as you realize it was all a dream and you’re left with nothing more than the realization that you just experienced something truly dope.

This is like that.


  • Written & Produced by 22tape


1. You’re So Always 2. All Those Plans 3. Werd 4. Bless You 5. Saloon Shwagger 6. Portformat – Bitter Sweet feat. Eagle Nebula & Trezure Empire (22tape Remix)

Released December 11, 2012

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