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Ricca Razor Sharp & EQ: Opposites Attract

Apr 19, 2010


NEF126: Neferiu Records proudly presents ‘Opposites Attract’ from hip-hop veterans EquAzn and Ricca Razor Sharp. Since meeting in 2003, during the heat of battle

as the two finalists in the prestigious ‘Eliminator Tournament’, EQ and the Razor have shared a personal and professional friendship, based on respect for one another’s abilities.

Appearing on stage together on countless occasions, and collaborating on many a track, the two have developed a reputation for tight rhymes and high energy, with a skill level unquestioned by any who have experienced their performances. Asian and Caucasian, measured and unleashed, polished and off the wall, EquAzn and Ricca Razor Sharp embrace their differences, while celebrating their mutual love of hip-hop with ‘Opposites Attract’.

Together at last, on record, they look to make a lasting impression by combining their considerable talents, and unleashing an album’s worth of high-caliber hip-hop bangers. Rooted in yesterday, relevant to today, and progressive towards tomorrow, the pair allow their strong ethic for innovative songwriting to lead the way.

EquAzn is a well known member of the Calgary hip-hop scene, having won numerous MC battles. On stage, his high octane performance surprises those who observe his otherwise calm demeanor. With rhymes ranging from battle tested verbal jabs to emotionally reflective story-telling, the EquAzn is a focused lyricist. Although this is his first official release, EQ has laced numerous compilation albums and guest spots with standout performances, contributing to his strong reputation for great rhyming.

Ricca Razor Sharp has been busy releasing albums on Neferiu Records (most recently, 2009s ‘Causeways & C-Trains’), and hitting the stage with his captivating energy. A former alt-rock frontman, who also has won numerous battles, Ricca is best known for his colorful raps and crowd pleasing charisma. When not reveling in word play or ranting on socio-political topics, Ricca enjoys delivering party raps to please the animal within. A veteran of three Canadian tours, and as many appearances at NXNE, Ricca has been embraced by the press and the fans, as well as college radio.

The album is produced by the talented Mantrakid. Mantrakid’s patented build em up and tear em down beats have one foot rooted in old school hip-hop, a second foot shaking around at a rave somewhere, and a third, evolutionarily advanced foot kicking into the future.

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