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Shep & DJ Stilz: Radio Gente

Dec 1, 2008


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NEF114: Since his self-titled debut album, Shep hasn’t kicked back for a second, despite what the silky smooth backing beats may imply. Shep joins forces once again with his right hand man DJ Stilz, who constructs yet another album’s worth of mind massaging production while Shep’s soul raps drench the top track. Like the double cherry on top, Angie Hills and Suzie Got Skillz blend their sexy voices into the mix, making this yet another Shep album worthy of the bedroom, or the lounge, or the den, or the v-dub, or the…

  1. Gotta Shine
  2. Wanting You Ft. Angie Hills
  3. Dirty Fiends
  4. Shake
  5. So Long (Interlude)
  6. Sweet Love
  7. Man Has Become the Beast
  8. VW
  9. Feel Brand New
  10. Seize the Day Ft. Suzi Got Skils
  11. The Beach (Outro)

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