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Audible Intelligence: Winter 2006

[ Audible Intelligence:d_currency:CAD:d_locale:Canada:d_end] NEF103: just like its summer ’05 counterpart, this disc features an entire cd packed with the latest tunes from this groundbreaking 15 person hip hop collective. styles range all over the hip hop board on this release, from pure instrumental scratch experimental beats, to solid party stomping vocal shakedowns. consider it a benchmark as to where the audible intelligence crew currently stands with style, and a sneak peak into a whole plethora of albums scheduled to come out of the...

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Audible Intelligence: Summer 2005

[ Audible Intelligence:d_currency:CAD:d_locale:Canada:d_end] NEF102: the calgary audible intelligence collective put together their best works compiled from their recent album releases and combined it with their freshest new cuts coming off of their upcoming releases, and the ending result is this full-length 21 track compilation featuring the full rapadelic producerific underground hiphop extraveganza. cd was packaged in a hand printed digipak with velcro keeping it all sealed and fresh. this release is sold out. Audible Intelligence –...

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Audible Intelligence

Audible Intelligence is a collaboration of open minded MC’s, DJ’s, Producers and Hip-Hop connoisseurs, hailing from Calgary, AB. Through their presence on the local scene, the various members of Audible Intelligence have become known to those within the Hip-Hop community in Calgary, and beyond. Audible Intelligence is less a formal organization, and more a loose affiliation of like-minded artists. Click on the links below to visit the official websites of some of Audible Intelligence’s better-known members, such as Mantrakid, EquAzn, Ricca Razor Sharp, and Impirical. In...

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