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Shep & Stilz: Digital Sol

Another fine summer-ready construction of smooth beats and rhymes from our resident lady lovin' duo.

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Wyzaker – The Red Midnight

...its like a crisp almost commercial club ready sound got the shit kicked out of it by Tom Waits and Trent Reznor in a back alley. It's polished and pristine and beautiful but dark and brooding and ugly and malformed at the same time.

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Ricca Razor Sharp & EQ: Opposites Attract

Neferiu Records proudly presents ‘Opposites Attract’ from hip-hop veterans EquAzn and Ricca Razor Sharp.

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Ricca Razor Sharp – Causeways & C-Trains

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Iron Lion: Eye of Ra

Underground extraveganza of some true school everymans hip-hop.

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Audible Intelligence

Audible Intelligence is a collaboration of open minded MC’s, DJ’s, Producers and Hip-Hop connoisseurs, hailing from Calgary, AB. Through their presence on the local scene, the various members of Audible Intelligence have become known to those within the Hip-Hop community in Calgary, and beyond. Audible Intelligence is less a formal organization, and more a loose affiliation of like-minded artists. Click on the links below to visit the official websites of some of Audible Intelligence’s better-known members, such as Mantrakid, EquAzn, Ricca Razor Sharp, and Impirical. In...

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