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Jun 7, 2010


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NEF130: Pulling my attaché case out from under the bus seat, I looked into the other man’s eyes with a subdued fury. I hated that man. Everything about him made me want to spend a month working for minimum wage just so I could earn enough to buy a gun from that guy in a hoodie in the alley way behind Finnegans just so I could take shooting lessons so I’d be ready and capable to put a couple bullets through the forehead of his skull the next time I saw him. I’d never actually do anything like that, of course, but I thought about it from time to time.

I laid the attache case on my lap and looked down at the locks. My cracked, smoke stained fingers fumbled at the numbers in a focused attempt at getting the correct combination on the first try. With a metallic ‘click’, I winced, flipped the locks back and opened the top of the case revealing the contents. I then rotated the case for the other man to see it. His eyes lit up for a second—a natural human response to seeing something so pure—but his reaction was quickly masked by years of business relationships and lucrative promotions based on deals-gone-right.

“How much?” he asked me. Knowing full well it wasn’t for sale. I just looked at him and smiled. I closed the case deliberately, never taking my eyes off his. I had dreamed about this moment for 10 years—meticulously building a vision and making hard sacrifices just so I could stand up in front of him and turn away without a word. Knowing full well it wasn’t for sale, I got up and walked towards you, ready to give it all up in exchange for your simple understanding. Please enjoy.

The Tracklisting:
1. Profound Sound – Fresh Breath 02:13
2. Impirical – You Know What 03:33
3. DJ Moves – Gossip Bitch 03:54
4. Lord Marbury & Cinister Cee – Break Master C 03:02
5. The Dirty Sample – Poet, Prophet, Healer 02:44
6. Ricca Razor Sharp – Bohemian Rap City 03:02
7. Touch & Nato – Reloaded 04:25
8. Max Prime – I Need a Doctor 03:21
9. Stilz – Look Away 02:30
10. The Sundry Light – June Bug 02:45
11. Dockta Valkus – Loungin at Luna 02:30
12. Baggylean – U.I.S.M. 02:51
13. Ginsberg’s Inkling – As I Lay There Dying (feat. Piper Davis) 03:12
14. TETRIX – The World 03:00
15. Miranda Lee – Here 05:12
16. Wyzaker – Heel to the Spade 05:29
17. FV – Checking In 03:12
18. SuB – SuBsonit 02:57
19. Pete Meadows – Felt Tipped Dignity Remix v5b 06:20
20. Mantrakid – I Really Should Call My Dad 03:27

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