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Touch & The Dirty Sample: The Fly

Jul 24, 2012


NEF155: One of Canada’s most seasoned emcee’s, Touch (the self-proclaimed alienated reject) teams up with Neferiu pillar producer The Dirty Sample to form a hideous creature—a monster, if you will—or just simply: The Fly.

Just like its grotesque namesake portrayed by Jeff Goldblum, The Fly starts out normal enough, with the title track rightly sending rappers back to the lab to step their game up. The normalcy stops there, However, as The Dirty Sample’s proficient production transcends into murky, unseemly terrain, as Touch effortlessly flows over sample-heavy beat mastery that seems to form the score of a feature length twilight zone episode.

Songs like the acutely metaphorical Spit Diamonds make you repetitiously rewind, while the eerie melody under Your Creator takes you to the Dark Side of the moon and back down to earth. Notable appearances by Birdapres on Your Mind, plus the prolific Kaboom! And Fatt Matt in Mr. Smoketoomuch tie this soon-to-be cult classic together, and proudly display why Canadian hip hop garnishes worldwide respect.


  • Lyrics by Touch
  • Cuts by Nato
  • Beats by The Dirty Sample


1. Intro 01:39 2. The Fly 01:51 3. AB to the BC interlude 00:22 4. Mr. Smoketoomuch ft. Kaboom & Fatt Matt 02:52 5. Spit Diamonds 02:44 6. The Falling Eye Technique Pt.1 01:24 7. Your Creator 01:34 8. Real High 02:42 9. The Falling Eye Technique Pt.2 01:42 10. Your Mind ft. Birdapres 02:42 11. Name Names 01:56 12. Two Sorcerers interlude 01:32 13. Lusus Naturae 02:30 14. Monster outrolude 01:28 15. Stop Buggin’ ft. Apeface 02:43 16. The Falling Eye Technique Pt.3 02:45 17. A Message from Bill interlude 00:27 18. It’s Life 02:24 19. Outro 01:04 20. Outro’s Outro 01:06

Released July 24, 2012

$5 Digital / $10 CD

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