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Touch – Alienated

Nov 1, 2010


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NEF131: Hip hop is full of characters– from the generic pseudo-hoodlums to the tight-jeans hipster wannabes to the angst-filled dudes with no rhythm. Thankfully, Edmonton’s number one rap veteran Touch has returned with another classic rap lesson in CD form to school these fools. Welcome to Alienated.

Touch is a straight-up-and-down “rapper who loves to rap” and isn’t afraid to portray himself as such. He’s going to call out wack beatmakers and emcees, or any other perpetrators in the game. He’s going to make you double over in laughter while doing so with gut-busting puns and disses. He’s also going to open up your mind to the world we live in, pondering existence, good and evil and how he fits in. And of course he’s always going to rep Canada, Edmonton and his 182nd Street roots to the fullest.

Alienated is a collection of unique and clever concepts coupled with diverse and impressive production, with some help from some of Canadian hip hop’s finest talent. There’s even a collaboration with New York’s legendary Ill Bill, who jumps on the reggae-influenced “Rule the World” with Touch and Edmonton-raised Uncle Howie alumnus E-Dot. This is one of many gems on Alienated, with each emcee describing their own twists on life if they were in charge. Another highlight is “Where’s Your?”, where Touch smirks his way through a rundown of what one has to do to “make it” as a Canadian rapper. “Klingon Bastards” transforms Touch into a jaded Starfleet officer who sets his phaser on kill. The title track, featuring vocals from Sabo Forte of Blist, is an epic and eerie glimpse into an alien apocalypse. “Beats” explores the remains of the social networking ghetto known as MySpace, where an excess of terrible producers hawk mediocre beats for bargain basement prices.

After listening to Alienated, don’t be surprised if Touch becomes your new favourite Canadian rapper. Real rhymes and beats are back. Don’t take so long next time, Touch.

Released 01 November 2010 • $10 CD • $5 Digital

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