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The Dirty Sample: Unluck

Aug 13, 2010


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Dear Ex Girlfriends,

Here is Unluck.

The Dirty Sample

The Tracklisting:
1. That Special Chick 00:13
2. Unluck 02:00
3. Could it Change 02:14
4. Some Kind of Shady 01:49
5. I Like the Interstellar Part 01:13
6. Constant Raw 02:10
7. You Can’t Run From You 02:48
8. Untrust 01:13
9. I Got Away 01:49

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10. Oppostie Minds React 01:21
11. Storm Rises 00:32
12. Her Final Plea 01:31
13. You Must Go 02:00
14. Primate Gone and She’s Waiting 01:56

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