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Wyzaker – The Red Midnight

Jun 9, 2011



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NEF138: “…its like a crisp almost commercial club ready sound got the shit kicked out of it by Tom Waits and Trent Reznor in a back alley. It’s polished and pristine and beautiful but dark and brooding and ugly and malformed at the same time. Like a true Devil/Angel thing…”, MK

Neferiu Records is pleased to present ‘The Red Midnight’, the debut record from Calgary hip-hop veteran Wyzaker. A unique and introspective talent, Wyzaker, who has been active for nearly a decade, drops a stunning 21-track opus, centered around the dark reality of the Hotel Red Midnight, located on the corner of 3rd Ave and Sticky Street East, in the core of the city of fire.

Wyzaker offers a unique voice, both literally and metaphorically, as he uses his distinctive cadence and tone to speak on a host topics with interesting perspective. Those familiar with Wyzaker’s guest vocals on albums by fellow Audible Intelligence members like Impirical and Ricca Razor Sharp have long anticipated this album, and will not be disappointed. Tackling issues and exploring sonic territory with a variety of flows, Wyzaker demonstrates both guts and smarts by coming forth with such a conceptual album in his first effort. Wonderfully crafted, it rises above the clichéd trappings of such an endeavor, and truly impresses.

A multi-talented individual, Wyzaker handles the vast majority of the production duties on the album as well, turning only to established producers Mantrakid and SoLeo to round out the sonic landscape. Innovative hip-hop, slightly industrial tendencies and hard hitting action serve as the perfect sound-scape for an album lathered with such gritty subject matter.

Check yourself into the Hotel Red Midnight, but beware, you can never leave.
Cost: $10

The Tracklisting:
1. …the Street to…
2. Popsickill The Dizzy Kid
3. Officer Murphy
4. The Shaman, The Prophet & The Muse
5. Buzz the Bullethead
6. The Slaves are AOK
7. The Button Pusher
8. Broken Elevator Muzak
9. Nikki Nine
10. Good Ol’ Ray
11. Boris the Spider
12. The Trickster
13. The 13th Floor
14. Jack O. Lantern
15. Tom & Jerry
16 .When Eddie met Betty
17. The Damsel
18. The Operator
19. Gabriel vs Damien
20.The Gargoyle
21…the Ledge to…

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