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Zebrabook – Satelle

Dec 30, 2009


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NEF119: “Satelle is the place beyond the dreams, where the darkness gathers.”

With a delicate minimalist aesthetic, Jon Bushaway AKA Zebrabook has composed a meditative chant of an ambient album with “Satelle”. Picking some of the finest pieces from his vast catalogue of work spanning hundreds of tracks and countless side projects, including collaborations with spoken word artists, and instrumental off-shoots, Zebrabook’s “Satelle” brings a blurry audio polaroid of a rich-yet-sleepy cinematic dreamworld to our ears. Please enjoy!

  1. Falling Leaves
  2. Severance Is No Excuse
  3. Picture From the Island
  4. Barry White
  5. Book of Dreams
  6. The Drought that Drove Satan Mad
  7. Losta
  8. Redundancy Feat. Sean Boyle
  9. Satelle

Cover Photo “Mitosis” by Gordana Adamovic – Mladenovic

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